Sunday, August 17, 2008

Draw With My Left Hand? ARE YOU CRAZY?

The second challenge of the Art Club Challenge was to draw with the opposite hand you usually draw with. What a challenge! Like I mention in my last entry, I was packed at work last week and really didn't have time for anything else but I managed to knock this out in 3 or 5 min. Which is why I didn't really want to post it up on the Art Club Challenge, I didn't have the time that I wanted to put into the drawing. But I ran into Jared and he just said to send it to him as it. Since its going to be posted on the Art Club Challenge Blog, I might as well post it up on mine, along with a right hand version of the drawing of course ha. The Right Hand Verizon is on the top and the Left Hand Verizon is on the bottom, but I'm sure you figure that out on your own. I've been reading I Am Legend a lot which is why I think I ended up drawing a vampire of sorts. Completely different then the kind in that book, but more like Dracula. Over all, I like the challenge as much as I hated it. I felt that I started having a little more control over my left hand the more I was drawing with it. It would of been cool to see what the sketch would of looked like if I had put 30 min or an hour into it. Maybe another day.....


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fast Ball!

Man it been a long week. Ive been packed at worked. I still want to stick with at least one update a week, but will see how that goes for. I started this drawing late last week and would of been done by the end of the weekend but between work and some random computer problems there was no time to clean it up and add color till yesterday. I knock out Colossus real quick, I look up some ref on the Internet and acted out how a baseball pitch is broken down, and after that the pose came pretty easy. Wolverine on the other hand took a few tries before I got it right ( I posted some of the poses i was trying to go with but didn't feel right). I'm still not completely happy with his pose, but for now it will have to due because I don't want to get caught up on this one picture. I drew Wolverine in this suit because its my favorite out of all of his different ones through the years.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I join this group called Art Club Challenge that my buddy Jared started up. Every week there is a new topic to draw, this week topic: Draw a bulldog in your image. Well I didn't exactly draw a bulldog, I drew a pit bull, whoops! So it looks like I just lost that competition. But anyways, I drew one of my cousins dogs, Max. When I went to California I saw this krazy dog all the time. He was a happy, energetic, friendly, dog. I figure if I was a pit bull, I would be like him. Miss ya buddy, see ya in Cali soon enough.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lets Start This Blog Off With A BANG!!!!

This is my latest Demo Reel. It's mostly compiled of animations I did over this past year as well as one or two from previous years. It has a mix of traditional hand drawn animation as well as some CG at the end. A huge chunk in the beginning is from my senior project "Firefly" which I hope to have cleaned up and color by the end of this year.