Sunday, August 17, 2008

Draw With My Left Hand? ARE YOU CRAZY?

The second challenge of the Art Club Challenge was to draw with the opposite hand you usually draw with. What a challenge! Like I mention in my last entry, I was packed at work last week and really didn't have time for anything else but I managed to knock this out in 3 or 5 min. Which is why I didn't really want to post it up on the Art Club Challenge, I didn't have the time that I wanted to put into the drawing. But I ran into Jared and he just said to send it to him as it. Since its going to be posted on the Art Club Challenge Blog, I might as well post it up on mine, along with a right hand version of the drawing of course ha. The Right Hand Verizon is on the top and the Left Hand Verizon is on the bottom, but I'm sure you figure that out on your own. I've been reading I Am Legend a lot which is why I think I ended up drawing a vampire of sorts. Completely different then the kind in that book, but more like Dracula. Over all, I like the challenge as much as I hated it. I felt that I started having a little more control over my left hand the more I was drawing with it. It would of been cool to see what the sketch would of looked like if I had put 30 min or an hour into it. Maybe another day.....


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