Saturday, September 6, 2008

All He Needs Is A Hug

Samurai Jack! Who doesnt love that show! The style of it was great, and it didnt use dialog to get the story, emotion and point across. They used acting to tell the story. Anyone can move something across the screen, its when you actually can put feeling into it that you sell it to the viewer. But anyways, I designed this character, Fyllo, a year or two ago (that sketch is below) and dug him up for the Art Blog Challenge. The Challenge was draw in another style. I though I would give Samurai Jack another try. I did this once in college too, but quickly found out in the critque that there was alot I did wrong haha. So I study it alot more this time, did the drawing in vector using Illustrator, use darker lines to show when things are overlapping, and try to really simplify things from my verison of the drawing. I dont think I nailed the style 100% yet, but alot closer then last time.

Hes pretty simple character, a giant flower on his head with vines growing over his body. His weapon of choice, a sheild and some rocks. I picture him living in a rain forest, a forest protector of sorts. I have Fyllo in some other poses roughed outed as well but just havent had the time to clean up the drawings and render them. In the future I want to make him look more kid like, somewhere in his teens. Also in the poses I drew, he always on the attack, I want to show the fun side of him as well.