Monday, May 18, 2009

A Sort of New Reel

Last month I cut a new Demo Reel up for a few reasons. Ill be cutting a new one again soon enough towards the beginning of next months (hopefully). The 3D animation I start the reel with, I'm still actually working on. I still need to do a little more over lapping with the monster head, show more pushing with the feet, as well as break up the timing of his feet more. Plus I can finally add some of my Wonder Pets work to my reel :)! Which is kind of tricky, since my reel is cut to 24 frames a second and WP is 29.97? maybe 30 frames a second. Got to double check that. So once I wrap up that Monster shot in the beginning of my reel, and find a way to have the WP play back at the correct speed, ill be posting a new reel once again. Stay Tune.


What's going to work? TEAM WORK!

Some of my animation I worked on for the Wonder Pets finally aired on TV. This might not be my best work on the show, but its the shots I started on and I'm really excited I can finally show some of my work that I have done. Currently were working on Season 3 of the show, but Season 2 is whats being aired on TV right now. For some strange reason Nick Jr. air two of the episodes of Season 3 that I worked on (Save the Raccoon and Save the Lock Ness Monster) a whole season early. Only reason I can come up with is because Save the Raccoon was about recycling, and they aired it on Earth Day :). Either way, it was awesome to see my work on TV. They kept the animation pretty much the same besides the third shot in the quick time. They had Linny cape come over her shoulder instead of staying behind her, and had her push with her arms instead of her shoulders. The way the pipeline works is, we work on a episodes for 2 weeks, then we get 1 week of notes. Once we ship it back to New York, they still do minor tweaks on some shots for another week I believe.

Looking back at this episode is funny. It was my first or second episode with the Kinetic Post and I was so worried about messing up the shots haha. One of the issues I had is they wanted the recycling bin to move while the Wonder Pets were trying to knock it over. When I went to go animate it, all the background elements including the bin were on one layer. We had to get some new elements from Little Airplane (The studio in New York) so I could get the fix done. Now that I look back at this, that must be the smallest thing to worry about. Were constantly getting new elements from LAP or switching out a hat for a shoe.

Over all, the deadlines are tight and at times can be stressful, but working with the team I have, and animating for a living is amazing!