Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alittle Concept Art

As I promised, here is some concept art from one of the pitches were working on at work. I don't want to talk about the story of it at all, but you can get alittle idea of it from the art work. The last few months I've been helping my buddy Carl with the environments for the pitch. It was a lot of fun! I forgot how much I like designing environments. It was a real nice change from the character work I do during the day. Hopefully I'll keep running with this and designing some more stuff for some of my own projects.
Working on this show was a real big change then what I usually work on. Anyone that has seen my work knows I'm more into comedy and family animation, like Pixar, Blue Sky, or some of the stuff Ive been animating on like the Wonder Pets. This is completely different. the show is still funny material, but different audience age range. Haha the first environment I did, I ran it by Carl for the final say and he said "Sweet man, make it more destroyed."The environments always started off so innocent and by the end there was complete death and destruction. I've posted two versions of the Navy Pier to show what I mean. Either way it was a lot of fun to switch up what I'm use to working on and trying something new! The Characters are done and ready to rig. Then the next step is to animate a short to send along with the pitch.

The process on these environments I would do is first thumbnail sketch a few different versions of the environment before I started building it in Photo Shop. After I decided on the composition, I found the resources I needed on the Internet, and some of my own pictures as well. The Photo Shop part of it, actually went by really quick actually, probably since I missed working on environments and it was something different than animation.


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