Friday, December 25, 2009

Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow the years keep flying by quicker and quicker, and this one isn't any different. I've been really busy at work these past few months, that I haven't been able to update this blog at all. I have tons of sketches laying around just waiting to be scanned in or taken to the next level. Hopefully I'll get around to uploading them. I feel very blessed that I've been able to keep landing jobs these past few months after my contract with Kinetic Post ended in July. In August I went to a studio in Detroit called One Of Us Films, and help with a After Effect educational animated film for children. In September I was in Royal Oak working at a studio called Pixo Factor on some motion comic stuff, once again using After Effects. Since the beginning of October I've been working at a studio called With A Twist, their Rochester studio, on Tim Burton's film Alice in Wonderland. Which explains the riddle in the blog title. I find myself for the first time using Maya on a job instead of After Effects or Hand Drawn Traditional haha. Never thought that would happen at this moment in my career. Usually I use Maya for my own personal animation tests and that's it. Alice should take me up to the end of the month, and starting in January I'll be back at Kinetic Post working on the Wonder Pets again. Its crazy that I can say I have worked on a feature film now in my career, hopefully next year and the years to come will be as amazing as this year!
Hope everyone has a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
And incase you were wondering the riddle in the title originally didn't have a answer, but after fans asking Lewis Carroll what the answer was to it, he came up with this - "Poe wrote on both"