Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Fox, The Weasel, and The TP

1st entry of the year, and I'm giving it to the 11 second club competition. A group of friends and I always say were all going to do the competition for that month, and by the end of it no one found time to haha. Well I'm happy to say this month I pulled it off finally...barely. It was definitely tough finding the time and energy to come home from work just to work on another project. Not to mention I don't have a down shooter to keep testing the work as much as I want.

The test isn't were I want it to be at the moment. I don't mind the weasel animation as much as the Fox's. I did the Fox first and figure out a few things while animating him that made the Weasel easier to animate, especially the face. The main thing that bothers me about the Fox is where he places his left hand on his leg, I want it to be kept there a little longer. I like the funny gag in the story but since its not compete well the video doesn't show it. When the Fox tells the Weasel "So I borrowed it...." he throws a empty toilet paper roll back to the Weasel. I think seeing that and having the outhouse in the background would help sell it really well. Oh well, I'm thinking instead of trying to go back and tweak this test to make it what I want, I may treat it as a "welcome back to hand drawn animation" and move on to the next one.


UPDATE: I got 57th place out of 142th. Not bad, not good, it is what it is :). A lot of people seemed to like it and thought the TP joke was funny. There was one or two comments about acting on the fox which I agree with but I didn't have time to really change any animation after the first pass I did. I think I'm going to compete in the March competition and hopefully by then ill have a downshooter set up so I can test the animation as much as I would like to.

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