Saturday, April 10, 2010

Landscape Image

I forgot to upload just the regular old jpeg image of the landscape. Whoops

Landscape In Motion

This was a little experiment I've been working on when I had some free time. I been wanting to do some environments since I did the realistic photo compilations for the project I was working on with my buddy Carl. Having a landscape broken up into layers really help build depth in a image. In animation it can really help build the illusion of the z space when you pan scenes and have each moving at different speeds. I'm pretty happy with this at the moment. I think the next one I work on will be more realistic rendering, I really want to try to get into more realistic rendering illustrations.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reed Gunther Motion Comic

This is a motion comic that I got a chance to work on recently. The comic/art work belongs to a friend of mine, Chris Houghton. Through Protonic Reversal, my friend Carl's company that I'm a partner in, we did this motion comic teaser trailer. It was a blast to work on it. The story and characters were fun to work with and translated well into animation. If you get a chance you should check out Chris's comics and other work, along with swinging by the Protonic Reversal website :)

This is the second motion comic job I worked on. The other one I cant show much of the work or talk about what company I did it for. Its fun working on these projects though. Its a mixer of working in Photoshop and then bringing it into After Effects, a program I know all to well. Carl and I split the work down the middle, and then he did the audio for the trailer. You should check out the Protonic Reversal youtube page to see some of the other projects that the company is working on.