Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Alpha Omega team is back at it and were back on KICKSTARTER! Here is the link! We lowered the amount that were trying to fund this time around but kept the same great pledge gifts, give them a look. Just to sum up about the pilot were trying to create, it is called the ARMSmaster Project. The project it self has been getting worked on a little over 5 years now. It started off as a great idea by Mike Winn, that he turned into his Senior Thesis. After college he ask a few of us to jump on board and try to developed into a full blown TV show. We all jumped at the opportunity to say the least. With a world filled with magic, mystery, and adventure who wouldn't? Now with a pitch bible complete and more opportunities knocking on our door, were trying to create a episode pilot to help pitch the show. If you go to the page, blog, or website, you'll see tons of great art we have created along the years along with a 30 sec teaser trailer that we finished up a year ago.

Take a look, spread the word, and all that fun stuff. Thanks for the support!


Thieves & Butchers

Thieves & Butchers from Tim Kafantaris on Vimeo.

This is another test I've been working on. The audio is from Iron Man 2 and I used the Morpheus Rig. It was a really nice rig that was very customizable, I highly recommended it. It was a lot of fun animating this test and trying to really sell the performance. I can't wait to take what I learn on this test and use it on the next one!