Saturday, December 7, 2013


A lot has changed for me in 2013, including taking a full time job down in Georgia! I started freelancing back in 2008, mostly for Michigan studios and a couple others that are in Florida and Massachusetts. Over the years freelancing for the most part has been great and really fun. It can make your portfolio grow quickly with tons of different projects and styles in it, you get to meet people all over the country, and you learn different techniques that you can take with you project to project. For a while I thought I would always be freelancing, but that has changed.

In July I was offer a full time job down in Atlanta working for a studio called Floyd County, and it has been a blast! They are a bunch of talented, great individuals that constantly look to raise the bar. I am animating on the show they are known best for called Archer, which airs on FX. They also are working on getting several other shows off the grown including Chozen.

Here is a little promo trailer the studio for the new season!

 And here is a article from talking about the new season as well.

Though I'm full time at Floyd, I still try to take freelance projects from time to time when possible, and as always still working on my personal projects.

Living in Atlanta has been pretty cool so far. It is definitively different living here instead of the Mid West. There is so much to do and explore in Atlanta which is great. It also helps that I knew some people here before moving, including my buddy Carl who is the one that told me about the job opening at Floyd.

Over all I'm very happy I took this opportunity and moved down here. Sure being away from fam and friends sucks, but being able to wake up every day and do what I love is great. Another plus is not having to worry about lining up the next job while your working on the current one.

In the next couple of months I plan on posting some new art work for prints and personal projects that I'm working on and make sure to watch Archer Season 5 starting on January 13th. Thanks again for stopping by!