Monday, September 22, 2014


Usually when I paint a picture I start with flat colors first. After I lay down the flats, I select a darker and lighter version of that color to show form by painting shadows and highlights. For example, if the flat color is Green I can pick Forest Green and Lime Green for the darker and lighter colors. 

This time I decided to try something new and do a Grayscale pass of the image first. I'm hoping for a few things by doing it this way. 

1. Painting the gray value first should show me if anything in the image is blending together value wise. 

2. Since the grayscale value has shadows and highlights already in it, I should only have to paint flat colors on top of a multiply layer. The shadows and highlights should show through and give form to the characters, plants, ect.


3. If I don't like a color I choose, it should be easier to change it since I only have to select the flat color and not multiple versions of it.

That is what I'm hoping for at least, but this is kind of a experiment for me so will see what happens.
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