Saturday, November 1, 2014

Post InkTober

31 days of inking and it was worth it! I really enjoyed this exercise because it taught me to loosen up my drawings. I try to only spend at max an hour from start to finish on these, so there wasn't much time to worry about every little mistake. I tend to work drawings over and over again till its exactly what I'm looking for. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but at the same time its a big time waster. Especially since I plan on making more art, and I can take what I learned from one project to the next. Plus, with this inking exercise, the next day I would be inking a brand new drawing.

Also I really enjoy doing some traditional inking. I usually do all my clean up and inking in Photoshop, so it was nice to lay down a sketch and then go over it with a few markers and ink brushes. At the same time, I had to trust myself to lay down that line since there was no going back. There are some drawings that I'm proud of, and then there are a few that I'm not sure what happen ha. It was worth it though. Till next time,


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