Monday, February 2, 2015

Fan Art and MCCC 2015!

Earlier last week I registered for a artist alley table at Motor City Comic Con! I will be sharing a table with a friend, and local artist Jonathan Bowling. Hes been working on a personal project under the working title Project Yaehshuo. Definitely give it a look! The Alpha Omega crew will also be there promoting their animation, The ARMSmaster Project. If  you have been following them, you know how close they are to getting it complete, and how high they are keeping the level of quality. And this is only phase one for that project! There is tons they are planning to do with it and I personally cant wait to see it!

In spirit of comic con, I started a little fan art piece to post to the blog and I should have it ready to show by next Monday. I have a little sample of it this week, but for some reason blogger wont recognize my files. whamm whaaaaammmmmmm. Hopefully I wont have this issue next week!

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