Monday, April 20, 2015

Spider Gwen

I love the look of Spider Gwen! Her design and color scheme is great, very clean and simple but powerful. I ran across a article a few weeks ago about her new series and went to the local comic store after work to pick up issue #1. Since I have been on this fan art kick of late I thought I would take a stab at doing a illustration with her in it.

I did a few rough sketches to try to get a a pose down, one that was dynamic but not provocative. I even took a couple to flat colors, but something was missing. So I went back and did a few more sketches and came across one I really enjoyed. It felt dynamic and had a few things that the other were missing, like perspective elements such as overlapping and size difference (4).

After I had her pose and design down, I started working on the city. There were a few elements I wanted to add to show that it was New York, such as the Chrysler Building. Something about that building I really enjoyed and been wanting to bring it into my art for a long time now.

I did a rough sketch of the city as well, and then cleaned it up using Sketch Book Pro. Sketchbook Pro was a nice change. It does feel more like your sketching on paper, and the perspective tools really helped knock out the clean up quick.

I did the coloring in Photoshop like usual (1) but I wanted a certain look with the colors that I'm not even sure how to describe.  Here is a example by Nate Simpson. Something about the softness and how the colors work together. But anyways, I was able to get a similar look to a degree by using a gradient and setting it to Pin Light (2). In the end, I had to tone it down a bit to get some shadows and highlights back, but it was nice to find a way to get the look I wanted.

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