Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Escape

The final installment in the pirate set is called the "Escape." The two pirates landed on the island, found what they thought they wanted, and now are trying to escape it all. Unfortunately their ship is being destroyed by a Kraken and they had to choose their life or the gold. They decided to empty the treasure chest out and make a break for it, using the chest as a boat.

Like I mention last post, I wanted to make sure to have the horizon line stay the same through out all 3 illustrations, which made it a bit tricky for the composition. The second thing I wanted to make sure is that their character traits carried along through out all 3 pieces. The biggest issue I had on this Illustration was the Captain. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted him sitting in the chest or standing in it.

Once I figured that out, his silhouette was the next challenge. It seemed no matter what pose I put him in, his silhouette just wasn't clear enough. After doing some life action ref, I landed on a pose I was happy with.

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