Sunday, June 13, 2010

Remember this guy?

Yea the kid that just needs a hug. Seems Fyllo still on a angry rampage ha. There is a nice side to this character, I'm sure I'll get around to drawing it at some point along with some facial expressions. I'm trying to figure out a style that I like for the characters and enviroments in this world. I do like how this came out but I dont think this is the style I'm looking for.

Also this picture shows a extra part that I havnt shown in the previous drawings of him, the flower on the back of his big old head. Fyllo has a flower growing out of the back of his head. The main vine leads to his forhead to form the little swirl on it, while it also branches out to his left arm and right leg. It was fun drawing this out, I've been lacking a creative output lately and this just flowed right out :) I have a few other characters I'm going to try to develope soon and post. Hope you guys enjoy it!



LampshadeMan said...

Tim where is your foreign language comments? Hmm what exactly are you doing wrong?

Tim Kafantaris said...

Your right, I should definitly go find some people that only post comments in symbols that make no sense in any human langage. What is your secrect Jodie? You have two people doing it on your blog!I must be living in the 90's still.

bunny said...

hey tim. i think i mostly got the hang of b-spot, but how do you have your friends and inspiration at the side? seriously. ><