Monday, October 20, 2014

Pirate Illustration

I finally was able to finished up the Pirate Illustration this week. I'm pretty happy with the out come over all. There is a few things I would change but I think I need to move forward and take what I learn from this project onto the next one.

After the whole grey scale idea didn't work out for me, I had to start from scratch with the coloring. I relayed down the flats, followed by the shadows and highlights. After those were laid down, I used a lot of gradients, which I usually don't. I like the look they gave, and I think I'm going to continue to use them in my process. After I had all those down I added a little bit more texture and color here and there, like for the water, mermaid scales, and crown.

Onto the next drawing! I'm not sure yet what that will be but I'm going to try to keep the same speed I found this week, while working on this print, for the next one project. Next Monday I'll be posting a Halloween Illustration I created at the end of last year and talk about the process. Thanks for stopping by,


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