Monday, January 26, 2015

Warrior Wolf

Another one in the can! I have some what of a back story for these two, but I would love to explore it further. Maybe even redesign a few things on both characters, and do a animation test to see each of their personality traits. Right now I know their region of the world is mostly desert and that the Warrior built the Robotic Wolf. At times she rides on his back to travel quicker or during battles, BUT they are friends and equals.

I really wanted to get across that they are a team. Which is why the Wolf's arms and hind legs share a similar design to the Warrior's shoes, pants, and arm bands. If the scene took place during the day, you could see they share some what of a similar color scheme as well.

Below is the coloring process. (1) I started off with a rough quick render to see what  colors could work best. After having an idea in mind of where I wanted to go with the colors, I started the real rendering (2). At the end of (2), I started to show the illustration around to some friends to see what stood out to them. Most of the feedback was to show more form with the light. The last image (3) is where I went with the feedback.

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