Friday, October 2, 2015

InkTober #1 #2

I missed the first day of InkTober, but I'm going to catch up by posting two for today! Last night instead of inking I went and saw The Martian. It was a great movie, I highly recommended it! It has a great emotional story that takes the viewer along for the ride. I may even go head and buy the book it was adapted from! The story follows stranded NASA astronaut Mark Watney on Mars, and his journey of surviving the red planet.

The first ink I did for the month was a potato plant. In the movie Mark tries to grow potatoes on Mars to keep his food source going. I ink this one traditionally, and looking at it, I probably should have spent a tad bit longer on it. 

The second ink I did for this month, I did completely digital in Sketch Book Pro. It was fun doing it digital but I found myself spending more time on it then originally plan since the erase tool can erase any mistakes I make. When I ink traditionally, there is no easy way to get rid of a unwanted line so I just keep moving forward.

I think for this Inktober I may try to focus completely on my comic project I started, instead of a new subject every day. Will see how it goes.

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