Thursday, August 20, 2009

iPhone Game

Here's an animation from the iPhone game I was working on. It was the "Special Move" for the character. It's ment to start during the idle and end at the beginging of the idle. Unfortunately the game isn't being made anymore :( But I still got paid :) But the game isn't being made anymore :( and I spent allot of time working on these shots, actually probably more then I should have. I learn allot working on this game, mostly that in gaming animation, you cant do all the easing in and out of the poses you wanted to, because the moves have to be fast pace since its a video game. Think about Punch Out! or any other boxing game. The character throws the punch and brings it right back so the next move can be simulated.

Right now, the stage the animation is at is known as "Tone Matt's" which is why there are all those bubbles around him. I took the clean up animation, frame by frame, and added a line on another additional piece of paper to show were the shadows on the characters will be. I plan on finishing this test completely up and adding it to my reel.

Either way, it was a great experience that taught me allot when it comes to trying to freelance two gigs at once haha. Hopefully Ill be able to work with that group of animators again, and who knows maybe will get the call back to finish up the game!



LampshadeMan said...

Not gonna happen.

LampshadeMan said...

Aww, damnit, I should have said, "I don't think so Tim" That would have been hilarious. Had a perfect chance to throw in a Home Improvement reference and I missed it. Al Borlin would be disappointed.