Monday, June 23, 2014

Flipping For Corrections

I mention before about a quick way to see what proportions are off in a drawing you are working on. Here is a quick example that I learned from a coworker awhile ago. 

I first did a few rough drawings in my sketch book to get the poses I wanted, and once I had them set I drew all the characters on 11x17 Blue Line Pro Paper. (1) After, I scanned in the image, the faces of each character started to bother me because of how childish they looked. (2) So I first soloed out each character by duplicating the original layer 5 times and erasing every character but 1 on each layer. Now each character was on their own layer by themselves. Next I brought down the opacity before printing each out again to make some changes. 

I drew over the the old sketches, fixing the mistakes along with filling in anything missing. (3) For Falcon, I changed the face a lot, along with adding his left arm and some more detail. (4) It looked like something was off to me so once I scanned him in again, I flipped the image Horizontally in Photoshop by going to
 Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas Horizontal. 

(5) The head and arm felt off to me so I did some quick morphing to the image with the Lasso Tool. (6) Once I had the areas selected I did 1 of 2 things. Repositioned them by moving, scaling, or rotating the area. Or I used Transform > Distort to make it look right.

Once I had that done, (7) I flipped it back over and (8) I lowered the opacity on the layer to started (9) digitally inking. (10) After, I cleaned up the image with the erase tool and added it back to the final composition.

(11) Here is the corrections of Falcon over the original to help show the differences. It wasn't much but just enough to make a difference. 


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