Thursday, June 5, 2014

Post MCCC 2014

Wow that was a fun trip! For the last two weeks I have been traveling around visiting family and friends. The trip started with Motor City Comic Con 2014! Once again, it was a great Comic Con! The Alpha Omega team was there promoting The ARMSmaster Project along with some of our other personal work. It was a great weekend of promoting, networking, and catching up with fellow artist! 

I got to meet some great talent while I was there. Including Skottie Young! I've been following his career for a long time now so it was awesome to finally meet him. He recently worked on Marvel's OZ comics, and now is working on a series for Rocket Raccoon.  

I also got to meet Tyler Shainline and Andy Suriano. Tyler works at Image Comics, and Andy has work on several projects including everyone favorite TV show, Samurai Jack. Together they are working on a new comic called Liberty Justice

I got to see Joe Foo at Motor City again. Always a pleasure to run into this guy. He has his own comic called Desmond's Comic, definitely pick it up!

And of course, the costumes were great as always. Here are a few,

Its always great meeting people at Comic Cons, getting excellent advice and seeing the great fun vibe coming from everyone. One thing i really enjoy are seeing artist getting their personal projects off the ground. I've been to a few Motor City Comic Cons now and you notice a couple of things. The first, people continuing to promote their art, honing their crafts, and constantly growing as an artist. The second is seeing people in front of the table looking at art work, and the next year they are sitting behind the table promoting their own work. Its a beautiful thing.  

It was a great time at this years Motor City Comic Con. Cant wait for next time!


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